Poor Alexandria needs surgery after suffering trauma to her face

Alexandria was rescued at the end of November 2021. When she was rescued it was clear she needed to receive medical attention as soon as possible. She had what appeared to be a broken jaw, issues with her left eye, and was very underweight.


Alexandria was taken to the emergency vet for further investigation. After spending a few days there for tests, x-rays, and lots of love and attention – we found out that she most likely suffered trauma to her face resulting in a broken jaw and blind in her left eye. It is unclear as to when she suffered this trauma as it looks to be an old injury. This is most likely why she was anaemic and underweight – her broken jaw would have made it very difficult to eat.


Under vet advice, due to the brake not being a usual brake, the best thing to make her more comfortable is to operate to remove several teeth and remove some of the bone in her jaw.

She is getting stronger by the day but it is too soon to operate as she is still so underweight. Until then, she is receiving pain relief and lots of love and attention – she is lucky enough to have found a perfect foster home to help her recover.


Despite what she has been through, she loves a cuddle. It’s impossible to not, she’s so affectionate!


We are hoping to raise enough money to cover the medical costs to help beautiful Alexandria. Can you help? We are already expecting a cost of over £1,000 – which will include a neuter once recovered from her major surgery.


When a poor animal comes in, like Alexandria, that needs much more medical attention than an average resident, we rely on extra support. If you can, please help Alexandria receive the care she should have had a long time ago. This is where your support helps the most, to show animals the love and care they deserve. It’s never too late to show them that humans can be kind!

Can you help?

We need to raise over £1,000 to ensure we can cover the costs of her essential treatment. Can you donate to help her? Just a few pounds would really make the world of difference for this girl.




Alexandria is expected to be with us for some time. Can you SPONSOR Alexandria whilst she is in our care? You will receive regular updates from her to let you know how she is doing. Sponsoring Alexandria ensures she receives the care she needs.




We hope to carry out her operation on 17th January 2022 – providing she is strong enough. There is a long road to recovery for this gorgeous girl, but with your help – we can make sure it’s as comfortable and efficient as possible.


Thank you for your support. We couldn’t help animals like Alexandria without you.

Any amount raised over what Alexandria needs for her medical care will go towards other medical costs of residents at our centre in the Cotswolds.

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