4 years old
Terrier X
Living with Children:
I could live with calm and respectful children aged 10+
Living with Dogs/Cats:
A home with other animals will be considered
Ideal Home Situation:
A calm home which allows me time to settle and grow in confidence

Billy is one of the newest additions to the centre and is now keen to start his life in a new forever home!

He arrived in the care of the centre after being removed from a multi animal household where he lived with lots of other dogs. As expected, he has been a little unsure of his new environment, but with lots of gentle encouragement, has soon made friends and shown a great love for familiar faces, giving face licks and having lap cuddles on the sofa, which seems to be his new favourite place.

Billy is still very unsure when exploring the centre with staff, and becomes very nervous and uncomfortable of new places and sounds, therefore, we are looking for a very quiet home with patient and understanding adopters, who will be able to slowly build on his experiences at his own pace. It seems that he has very little interaction with the outside world, so would benefit from an area which has close access to countryside walks without too much hustle and bustle.

Billy is used to being around other dogs, so could potentially live with another calm and confident canine who would be happy to show him the ropes. Due to Billy’s nervous behaviour, we are looking to rehome him un-neutered, in order to allow him time to settle and become less anxious before inviting him back to carry out the procedure as part of his adoption in the near future. Due to this, any existing dogs will need to be neutered and interactions with others should be kept controlled.

Sadly Billy wasn’t in the best condition when he came in, having a dirty matted coat and suffering from ulcers on his eyes, so he has since received a much needed groom and eye drops to make him comfortable again – this treatment will need to be continued following his adoption to ensure he fully heals.

If you feel you can provide Billy with the calm, nurturing environment he needs to be able to develop his confidence and the TLC he has been lacking, send us a perfect match form to let us know:

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