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*Please note that effective from 1st April 2024, due to increasing prices and running costs, we will be introducing a £4.50 dispensing fee to all prescription medications*. 

Introduction to our clinic

We offer a low-cost veterinary clinic for individuals in receipt of a means tested benefit within our Gloucestershire and South Cotswolds community.


We offer weekly 10-minute appointments, every Tuesday at our rehoming centre in Cam, Dursley to help with minor conditions.


We also run free drop-in welfare sessions in the local community. These outreach clinics are held intermittently at local community centres, food banks, churches and the like.


Unlike our regular low-cost clinic, there is no need to register or make an appointment for our drop-in sessions. Simply come along with your pet for free health checks, flea and worming treatments, microchipping, and medication.


Please get in touch with our Reception team to enquire about the date and location of our next drop-in clinic.


In order to comply with RCVS standards, we must declare any veterinary treatment administered to our clients’ pets with their registered veterinary practice, and ensure that they have access to an out-of-hours/emergency veterinary provision.


CDCH do not provide an out-of-hours/emergency service, so if your animal is not registered with a veterinary practice, you will be referred to Vale Vets in Dursley for any out-of-hours/emergency treatment you should require as a result of the treatment given by our Vet.


Please note that the emergency/out-of-hours service is chargeable at the rate set by Vale Vets and all fees must be paid at the time of your appointment. Vale Vets can be contacted on 01453 542 092 for their emergency/out-of-hours service.


As well as our clinics, we also offer support through neutering and help voucher schemes, further details on these have been provided below. 


For more information on how to access our welfare schemes, to register for our services and to see our full terms and conditions, please click here.

Voucher Schemes
Help Vouchers

Our Help Vouchers are designed to support your pet when they are most in need or if you are facing an unexpected vet cost. These vouchers are intended for emergency, or unforeseen but necessary veterinary treatment. We are able to provide a contribution of 25% of the vets estimate, provided the cost exceeds £150. Help vouchers can provide a maximum contribution of £150 towards the cost of the treatment. The quote must be communicated to CDCH prior to any treatment being carried out. 

Neutering Vouchers

CDCH offers a fixed contribution towards the neutering of your animal, this contribution is highlighted below:

  • Bitch Spay: £120.00
  • Dog Castrate: £85.00
  • Cat Spay: £37.00
  • Cat Castrate: £25.00
  • Rabbit Spay: £48.00
  • Rabbit Castrate: £41.00
  • Guinea Pig Castrate: £32.00

If you don’t see your pet listed above, please contact us for more information.

Do I qualify for clinic services?

As long as you live in our catchment area and are in receipt of one of the means tested benefits listed below, you are eligible for our help:


Qualifying Benefits:

  • Income Support
  • Job Seekers Allowance (JSA)
  • Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
  • Pension Credits
  • Child/Working Tax Credit
  • Housing Benefit
  • Council tax Support
  • Universal Credit

CDCH clinics offer preventative treatment to eligible clients. We are not a veterinary care provider, and therefore do not offer the full range of veterinary care traditionally available at a private veterinary practice.


For these reasons, clients registering with CDCH clinics will also be encouraged to register with a veterinary practice that offers a full range of treatments.

How to make an appointment

Appointments can be made by contacting our Front of House Team vie telephone or email on:


01453 890014 or reception@cdch.org.uk


Please note that we are not a veterinary practice and your pet may be referred to a vets to receive treatment. In this instance we may be able to assist by providing a Help Voucher. 

To access our voucher schemes, please contact us at the Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home via email or telephone:

01453 890 014
Details of our clinic locations
10:00am – 12:20pm
The CDCH (Cam Nr Dursley)
Beechmeadow Farm
Elmcote Lane

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