11 years old
Domestic Semi Longhair
Living with Children:
A calm home with older children who are gentle and understanding
Living with Dogs/Cats:
I would prefer not to be worried by other cats and dogs in the home.
Ideal Home Situation:
A calm and relaxing home with lots of comfy spots to enjoy and some human company
I require:
gentle brushing to keep my coat in good shape

Pip is our beautiful semi-long hair kitty, who is now on the look our for a cosy and loving forever home of her own.

Estimated to be around 11 years of age, Pip is hoping to find a quiet home, where she can enjoy a more chilled life, with lots of comfy napping opportunities, window gazing spots and a lovely garden with sunny spots to enjoy and safe spaces to explore once she can enjoy outdoor adventures once again.

As Pip is a super sweet and affectionate lady, who loves spending time with people (as you can see from her pictures), she would love a home where someone could be around for a good part of the day for companionship – she is often waiting at her door, eager to receive attention and fuss and is very fond of a good head scratch!

Pip was a little nervous of her new surrounding on arrival at the centre, however, has adapted well to cattery life and now takes it all in her stride. While she is great with adults, she could also live with older children who understand the need to be gentle and understanding.

Due to being long haired, pip will need her adopters to carry out gentle grooming on occasion, to ensure it remains knot free.

If you feel like you can offer Pip the home and companionship she is looking for, then complete a perfect match form below to let us know…

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Adores Humans
Loves head scratches
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