2 years old
Black & Tan
Living with Dogs/Cats:
I could live with another dog
Ideal Home Situation:
An active family who will take me on lots of adventures.

Introducing Alvin,

Alvin is a friendly, loving and playful companion who’s seeking a new family that he can join on adventures!

He’s a young active dog who loves to be outdoors so would thrive in a home that can provide him with plenty of physical and mental stimulation. Alvin is always up for an outdoor adventure; he would be thrilled to join his family on long countryside walks or play sessions in the garden! As he has been used to living with young children; we would consider a home with children above the age of 5 years old so long as they were dog savvy and respectful.

He would benefit from an owner(s) who will commit to basic training and building his confidence with the world around him as he can be cautious at times, but he has proven himself to be a great student as he is a people pleaser who is very willing to learn.

Alvin can be shy of new dogs initially but is quick to make canine friends once he’s been able to familiarise himself with the dog. He would benefit from a family who have access to calm, confident dogs so he’s able to enjoy group walks with canine friends on occasion! He has the potential to live with another calm, confident dog (this isn’t essential); however, you would need to be able to commit to viewings onsite to enable him to build a relationship with the dog before going home.

Alvin does have a high prey drive so his new owner(s) will need to be understanding of this. He won’t be able to be homed with any other small furies and his owners would need to make previsions to prevent him from chasing wildlife. He would benefit from strong recall training and controlled outlets for his drive like ‘whip it’! This behaviour is easily managed with preventive tools that CDCH can provide guidance on.

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