3 years old
White and Tan
Living with Dogs/Cats:
I would like to be the only pet in the home
Ideal Home Situation:
A calm and understanding home to help me grow in confidence
I require:
Some time to settle and learn to trust

This pint sized pup is Beau – a 3 year old Chihuahua.

It’s impossible not to fall in love with this chaps cuteness, and we are pretty sure he is going to capture some hearts.

Beau is on the look out for a loving forever home, with humans who will help him grow in confidence, as being small can often make things feel a little more intimidating. Beau has been unsure of his new surroundings, which is not surprising considering he has only known one home since puppyhood, therefore, he will need some understanding owners to help settle him in at his own pace. Once he feels comfortable in your company, he can’t resist some lap cuddles and a few bottom scratches if they are on offer, and we are sure he will make some strong bonds over time.

Beau has enjoyed quiet walks in the local countryside or surrounding villages since being at the centre. He would benefit from his new home having easy access to less busy areas so that he can continue to enjoy walks without too much worry. Very typical of the Chihuahua breed, he has been known to be vocal when he is a little unsure, so having humans who don’t mind the odd woof, and are willing to gently and positively socialise him over time, would help any potential reactivity to other dogs or strangers.

To ensure Beaus introduction to a new home is positive, he would like to be the only animal and would prefer a more relaxed environment, so children 14years+ will be considered.

If you can give this handsome boy a second chance at a forever home, then let us know by completing a perfect match form below…

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Loves a Lap
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