13 years old
Domestic Short Hair
Tabby X Tortie
Living with Children:
Adult Only 18yrs +
Living with Dogs/Cats:
a home with no other cats or dogs
Ideal Home Situation:
A calm home which allows me time to settle and grow in confidence
I require:
outdoor access if I choose

Meet Bella, a older lady who is looking for a relaxing home.

Bella is a 13 year old domestic short hair tortie/tabby female.

Bella has found moving into cattery very strange and has struggled to make herself at home. Bella is a nervous girl who prefers her own space and takes a little while to trust people and make friends. In her previous home she was known to be affectionate on her own terms and although liked her own space, enjoyed being around people for company. Bella is currently in foster care, and is building confidence daily. She is interacting with her foster carers and proved herself to be an affectionate girl who has now even started to play!

Her foster carers have said… ‘Bella has been in foster care with us for a few weeks now, and it’s been so lovely to see her confidence grow. As she was so nervous initially, we took things very slowly. We gave her lots of peace and quiet, and space to explore on her own. Gradually she started letting us stroke her, and she has started enjoying spending some time in our company. Although her favourite thing is being curled up in her bed listening to classical music, she has now started coming to greet us as we enter her room, and purring when we make a fuss of her. She’s even started asking for Dreamies! (Her second favourite thing). We really hope sweet Bella can find a quiet and loving place to call her forever home.’

Due to her timid nature, Bella is looking for an adult only home that is quiet and stress free where she can settle in with no pressure to make friends until she’s ready. She is looking for patient and understanding adopters who are dedicated to supporting her build her confidence and experience the wonderful things in life.

If you feel you can offer Bella the loving understanding home she is looking for, please complete a perfect match form below…

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