16 weeks
Living with Children:
I could live with calm and dog savvy children of any age
Living with Dogs/Cats:
I could live with another appropriate young dog
Ideal Home Situation:
I need a home that will carry out puppy training and socialisation

Meet Ben, a handsome 16 week old lurcher who has sadly found his way back to kennels through no fault of his own.

Ben is full of beans and will require an active home who will dedicate their time to his training and socialisation. His new family will need to commit to puppy training classes to further develop his skills, knowledge and experiences to ensure he grows into a well-balanced adult dog. He’s an inquisitive soul so will need to be given time and patience as he continues to learn more about the world and everything in it!

He is incredibly social, and thrives in the company of humans and canine friends. He could live with another dog that is tolerant of puppy behaviour; he would benefit from a playmate and someone to teach him the ropes. However, the resident dog in the home would need to be young and matched to his playstyle. He would enjoy frequent play dates with doggy friends on walks to be able to play a good game of ‘chase me!’.

Ben displays a lot of typical puppy behaviours like nibbling, mouthing and chewing to which his new adopters will need to provide him with outlets to manage and diminish this behaviour with age. He could live with children so long as they were dog savvy and used to the tough and tumble of puppyhood. He’s a smart cookie and knows some basic commands already like sit. He has an understanding of toileting outside the home but his new family will need to expect accidents and continue the foundations of house training.

He’s a very busy puppy and will require plenty of exercise and mental stimulation within the home to ensure his needs are being met. We would strongly suggest that potential adopters do their breed research to ensure lurcher traits are the best fit for their family.

If you could provide Ben with the fun and active lifestyle he’s seeking then please fill out a perfect match form.

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