9 months old
Pug x Jack Russell
Living with Children:
I could live with calm and dog savvy children of any age
Living with Dogs/Cats:
I have the potential to live with other confident dogs and cats
Ideal Home Situation:
I need a home that is committed to training and puppy socialisation

We have experienced a large volume of interest in Bertie meaning the rehoming team are now carrying out a shortlisting process. Applications submitted after 4/12/22 may not be considered in the shortlisting. 

Little Bertie is on the hunt for a fun-loving home to call his own!

This sweet boy is only 9 months old; he has a lot of energy and likes to be involved in whatever his favourite people are up to. He will thrive in a home that has plenty of time to provide him with physical and mental stimulation to fulfill his needs. His new family will need to be keen to continue his training by taking him to puppy training classes to expand his obedience and confidence.

Bertie is a social chap with both human and canine companions, and he greets everyone with a waggy tail (and bum!). He could live with children of any age so long as they were respectful and understanding of puppy traits! As he’s only young, he can still become nippy/mouthy when over excited so everyone in the household will need to be confident in managing this behaviour.

Unfortunately, Bertie still has some learning to do when it comes to house training. He will need someone with time and patience to help him overcome his toileting in doors. This has begun to improve since arriving at the centre. Bert has also shown signs of separation anxiety meaning he can become very distressed when not in the presence of human companions; due to this he will need someone that is around for most of the day and willing to take the time to build his confidence.

He will benefit from meeting up with doggy friends on walks to maintain his socialisation and have a circle of play mates! Due to this, it would be important that his new family has access to family and friends that have other likeminded dogs. He has the potential to live with another dog in the home, but this isn’t essential.

Bertie adores playing with his toys, exploring new areas and engaging in training so will need someone to match his active and outgoing energy. If you could be Bertie’s perfect match, then please fill out a perfect match form.

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