Buffy and Vlad - bonded pair

Buffy and Vlad - bonded pair

3 years old
Female and Male
Living with Children:
A calm home with older children 15 years +
Living with Dogs/Cats:
A calm and friendly smaller breed dog may be considered
Ideal Home Situation:
An understanding Indoor home with experienced owners
I require:
An experienced indoor only environment/

Please note: We have received an extremely high number of applications for this gorgeous pair of cats, therefore our response times are longer than usual.  

Rehoming criteria…

Experience: knowledge & understanding of the breed is essential. Experience is preferred, but not essential.

Secure indoor only space – access to a catio or secure cat proof garden would be ideal

Existing pets – No existing cats/ cat friendly dogs may be considered.

Children – older children 15 years and above will be considered.

Buffy and Vlad, are a delightful pair of bonded Sphynx cats, who are on the lookout for a forever home with some understanding adopters, who can offer company, affection and ideally a touch of experience in Sphynx care.

Both of these cuties are equally affectionate, and not shy about seeking attention and lap cuddles from their humans. Saying this, they do have their independent moments, and enjoy basking in patches of warm sunlight – usually found snuggling up together in small spaces. Both Buffy and Vlad are charming kitties, with a cool and calm inquisitive nature – they both seem to prefer the chilled side of life, and aren’t too fussed with being over energetic and playful.

Ideal Home: We’re seeking a special forever home for Buffy and Vlad – due to their love of human company, ideally someone will be able to give them time throughout the day. They would be best suited to a home with children 15 years and above, as they prefer the quiet life, and will need to remain secure within the home (appropriate measures will need to be in place to prevent escape through windows and doors). As they are best of friends, they would need to be the only cats, although a calm, cat friendly dog may be considered.

As indoor-only kitties, they require a safe and stimulating environment to thrive, where they have lots of space to enjoy and seek out sunny spots, with scope to be more active if the mood takes them – access to a secure catio or cat proof garden where they can enjoy the sights and sounds of the outdoors while staying protected would be ideal.

Experience and Enrichment: Potential adopters should have prior knowledge of the Sphynx breed (experience is preferable, although, not essential) as these enchanting cats require a little extra care and consideration throughout their life – this is because although they are furless, Sphynx cats are high-maintenance in terms of grooming needs. Along with providing a loving home environment, we’ll be looking for proof of suitable enrichment opportunities, such as climbing spots, hiding spaces, scratching poles, feeding puzzles, and toys to keep Buffy and Vlad’s active minds engaged and content.

If you feel you could offer Buffy and Vlad the secure and engaging environment they need, to live out happy and content lives alongside one another, then we’d love to hear from you! Please include as much detail about the environment you can offer as well as your understanding of the breeds)…

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Adores Humans
Bonded pair
Likes a chilled life
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