3 years old
XL Bully
Tan & White
Living with Children:
Adult Only 18yrs +
Living with Dogs/Cats:
I need to be the only pet
Ideal Home Situation:
I need an experienced large breed owner that will take on my training needs
I require:
Multiple Viewings

Our beautiful big girl Cali is a 3 year old XL Bully who would be described as the class clown in the human world and won’t fail to brighten your day!

She loves going on quiet countryside walks, but her favourite past time is playing fetch – especially if the toy squeaks! Cali has a loving and affectionate nature towards the people she builds bonds with and is quick to do so – as long as they play and sneak her a treat in return. Despite weighing 45kg she seems to think she is the size of a Yorkie and loves squeezing up onto your lap for a cuddle, proving herself to be a bit of a couch potato around the home.

Even though Cali has good lead manners, her ideal owner will be confident in handling strong large breed dogs. She will thrive in a home that has the time to provide her with on-going training; she’s learnt many basic commands already here at the centre and will be keen to learn more in the home. Cali is driven by toys and food which makes training extremely easy. At this time, she will be best suited to an adult only home due to her size and boisterous manner – she could be introduced to children over time.

Unfortunately, it’s clear Cali has missed out on early socialisation with other dogs so can show a fear response when in their company. The staff at CDCH have been working hard to desensitise Cali to other dogs in the distance which has been going well. Due to this behaviour Cali has been muzzle trained to ensure she can be kept safe; this will give her new owner the confidence to explore different areas and maintain her socialisation/training.

If you have a Cali shaped hole in your life and are ready to give up your space on the sofa, then please fill out a perfect match form and let us know.

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