Candy & Floss

6 months
Mini Lop
Brown/ Brown & White
Living with Children:
We could live with children - as long as they are gentle with us
Living with Dogs/Cats:
We could potentially share a home, but want to feel safe and not scared.

Say hello to Candy & Floss!

This cute little duo are currently spending their days together in a lovely foster home, but are now ready to settle down for good. They have an inseparable bond, so will need their new accommodation to be big enough for the both of them.

Both Candy and Floss are a super affectionate pair – they get on with everyone they meet, so have settled in to family life well and love fuss and snuggles from humans of all ages, as long as they are gentle. As they are used to getting lots of human contact, they would love their new owners to have time to spend with them.

Their is not much that phases these girls, so they could potentially live with other calm and friendly animals around, as long as their are boundaries to keep them safe. Veggies definitely come top of their list, with garden time being second – they really enjoy the outdoors, so their new home would need space for them to hop around together and explore a secure area.

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