10 months old
Boxer X
Living with Children:
I could live with children of 13 years +
Living with Dogs/Cats:
I could live with another dog
Ideal Home Situation:
I'd like a home that will be patient and gentle to give me time to settle in

Introducing the wonderful Cara,

She’s a bouncy and playful 10-month-old Boxer X who has regained a lust for life since entering our care. Unfortunately, Cara arrived in our care extremely emaciated and in poor body condition as a result of neglect. However, we are happy to say that Cara is on her journey back to full health and body condition.

Cara has a friendly and affectionate nature towards people. She can be slightly timid when initially making friends but quickly warms to any humans that are willing to provide her with fuss and tasty treats. As she likes human company so much, we feel she would be best suited to a household where there is someone around for most of the day so she doesn’t get lonely or bored! Her bouncy and enthusiastic personality is shining through day by day, so any children in the home would need to be of teenage age and comfortable around large breed dogs.

As she has become more familiar with her surroundings, she has become increasingly playful and cheeky. She’s found a new love for ‘zoomies’ and is always eager to play and interact with her faviourate human companions.

As she is building her weight and strength, her new family will need to be committed to continuing her weight management plan and exercise regime to ensure she reaches her goal weight. Due to this, we are looking for a home that is local to the centre (within 1 hour) who will be willing to return her to the centre to be monitored by our vet in the early stages. There is no surprise that Cara is extremely food motivated which is brilliant for training! However, she is a counter surfer so this will need to be managed and worked on within the home.

Cara does have some doggy skills and has been social with other dogs here. As she’s still young, she does have some learning to do when it comes to manners as she can be quite forward and excitable when greeting new doggy pals. She will greatly benefit from a social family who can provide her social dog interactions out on walks. We feel Cara has the potential to live with another dog in the home who is young and suited to her play style; but this isn’t essential for her.

If you think you could provide Cara with the loving and secure home she deserves then please fill out a perfect match form.

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