1 Year
Long Hair Guinea Pig
White, Tan & Black
Living with Children:
I could live live with calm children (6+) who are happy not to pick me up.
Living with Dogs/Cats:
I need to be kept in a safe and secure enclosure, away from cats and dogs.
Ideal Home Situation:
A calm home, which allows me garden access

Meet Charlie – our gorgeous Guinea boy with the most fabulous do!

Charlie came in to the care of CDCH after being found wandering some gardens looking for a safe space to hide – we are unsure of how long he was without a home, but are glad he was found in relatively good health, apart from a dirty and matted barnet, which we have since trimmed to make him much more comfortable.

After his stressful ordeal, Charlie is now looking for a safe and secure home with a friend to keep him company. He is a sweet natured boy and will happily sit with you, although he is a little shy and can be skittish when it comes to handling, so would prefer a family who allows him to spend most of his time on all fours. Due to this, children in the home will need to be understanding of having calm and quiet approach. As he is a long haired boy, his new adopters will need to slowly build up his confidence around grooming and ensure he is kept knot free and clean.

He is currently living in a loving foster home where he gets to spend time indoors at night, but enjoys most of the day outside in a run when the weather allows – he seems to love sitting amongst the grass and has started to become quite chatty, making occasional squeaks, so would love a home where he can continue this.

If you have a lonely Guinea pig of your own who would love some companionship and think that Charlie is the right match, then let us know by sending us a perfect match form:

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