10 months old
Staffordshire Bull terrier
Living with Children:
Adult only or children above 14 years +
Living with Dogs/Cats:
a home with no other cats or dogs
Ideal Home Situation:
A calm home which allows me time to settle and grow in confidence
I require:
Some time to settle and learn to trust/ on-going training and de-sensitisation

Meet our sweet girl Cherry.

Cherry has had a very unfortunate start to life and is now deserving of some loving and understanding adopters who can show her that humans can be kind.

Estimated to be only around 10 months of age, Cherry has spent most of her life so far living in a crate, with little positive social interactions with people and the world around her. Cherry has proven how forgiving animals can be, and after spending some time getting used to her new environment and the staff around her, has become a very loving and super affectionate girl who adores fuss and attention.

Sadly, she was also found to be suffering from an uncomfortable condition named ‘cherry eye’, which she has been receiving treatment for while at the centre, and will require a future procedure to improve this condition. This will be done at CDCH with our vet and will be arranged once she is fully settled in to her new home and included as part of her adoption. Any adopters will need to be willing to return to the centre and to help her recover at home.

Staff have started to slowly introduce Cherry to the outdoors, however it is clear that her lack of early introductions have had a great effect on her confidence, as she can be nervous and worried and often likes to retreat to a space she feels safe and comfortable. Due to this, she will need her adopters to be very patient, allowing her to build her confidence at her own pace, using lots of positive reinforcement and gentle encouragement.

Cherry would benefit from a rural or semi-rural home that have access to quiet countryside walks to begin to build her confidence without the hustle and bustle.

Due to her building great bonds with her handlers and showing us that she is keen to learn to love life, we are certain that a calm home with people who are keen to shower her with love, build on her experiences and give her the life she deserves, she will flourish. If you think this is something you could offer, let us know by sending a perfect match form our way.

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