Living with Children:
I could live with older children but am looking for a quiet life.
Living with Dogs/Cats:
I would prefer to be the only pet in the home
Ideal Home Situation:
I require a quiet home with humans around most of the time

This lovely old boy is Chico.

As our most senior resident, he is currently enjoying some time in a wonderful foster home where, although a little long in the tooth, he is keeping up with an active life of daily outings and being a bit of an office socialite, before getting home and snoozing in front of the fire.

Although Chico has been enjoying frequent meet ups with other like minded canines, he is now ready to find his forever home where he is the only dog and doesn’t have to fight for his spot on the sofa.

As expected with age, Chico does have stiff joints and struggles with stairs, but loves to be around his human friends, so a home with minimal climbing to get to his favourite places would be ideal.

Could you offer Chico the retirement home he needs? If you think you can, get in touch to let us know.


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