1 Year
Mini Lop
White and Brown
Living with Children:
A home with respectful and understanding children will be considered.
Living with Dogs/Cats:
A home with other pets will be considered, so long as the rabbits are kept safe and seperate.
Ideal Home Situation:
a rabbit savvy home, with an existing bunny for company
I require:
a companion rabbit to bond with/ access to a secure outdoor run

Cinnamon is a young female Mini-Lop, who is as adorable as she looks.

This gorgeous bunny came in to our care via the RSPCA, after concerns she wasn’t receiving the care she needed in her previous home. After some initial vet care, Cinnamon has found her way in to a wonderful foster home, where her personality is coming to life.

Cinnamon is a sweet and inquisitive girl who enjoys interacting with her foster humans, and accepting her favourite treats – dandelions are top of the list! Like many rabbits, Cinnamon prefers to keep her feet firmly on the floor, but is happy to say hi and receive some fuss. She enjoys exploring her home and run, making use of her tunnels, hides and investigating new items, therefore, she is looking for a forever home which can offer her the same.

Cinnamon is looking for a home with an existing friendly rabbit for companionship. We have no history of whether Cinnamon has previously been bonded, therefore, any adopters will need to be confident carrying out this process and able to offer suitable accommodation, which allows this process to take place over time.

The recommended requirements for accommodation for two bonded rabbits is a minimum of 3mL x 2mW x 1mH. Rabbits should also have access to their sleeping area, toilet area and exercise area at all times. For more guidance on rabbit accommodation and care, please click on the link below:

Our rabbit adoption fee is £70 Рthis is inclusive of health checks, Xeno mite treatment, Upto date vaccination, microchip and neuter. Cinnamon is currently awaiting her neuter procedure, therefore, would be looking to go to her new home once this has been carried out at the end of June. Existing rabbits should be up to date with their vaccination.

If you have a lonely bunny of your own and think that Cinnamon could be the right companion, then complete a perfect match form to register your interest:

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