4 years old
Staffordshire Bull terrier
White and Black
Living with Children:
A calm home with understanding and dog savvy children age 13+
Living with Dogs/Cats:
I'd like to be the only pet
Ideal Home Situation:
A calm and affectionate family who can offer me lots of attention

Meet Cleo: The loving staffie who’s on the search for her forever home!

Cleo is an affectionate and playful girl who is ready to find her forever home. With her endearing nature and classic Staffie charm, she has the potential to be the perfect addition to a loving family.

Cleo is a true people-orientated dog. Her love for human companionship is evident in her wagging tail and eager eyes. She adores spending quality time with her family, making her an ideal companion for those who appreciate a loyal and affectionate furry friend. Her playful demeanor is a joy to witness, and she has a heart full of love to share.

Cleo would thrive in a home with a family, including teenage children. Her friendly and gentle nature makes her a great match for households looking for a loving canine companion. She enjoys playtime, walks, and cuddles, making her an adaptable and delightful addition to family life.

While Cleo is wonderful with people, she could benefit from continued socialisation with other dogs. Her new family should be committed to gradually introducing her to canine companions, helping her build positive interactions and friendships. Patience and positive reinforcement will be key to her successful integration with other dogs.

She is currently experiencing a phantom pregnancy, so her new owners will need to be understanding and mindful of her unique needs during this time. Providing comfort and support as she navigates through this phase will contribute to her overall well-being. This is something that is being treated at the centre so may not be present when going into a new home. Due to being in phantom pregnancy, we can not spay her at this time. Once she is out of this phase we will look to spay her ASAP to avoid this occurring again.

Cleo is eagerly waiting to shower her new family with love and loyalty. If you think you could be her perfect match, please fill out a perfect match form below.



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