6 years old
French Bulldog
Living with Children:
A home with children will be considered
Living with Dogs/Cats:
I need to be the only pet
Ideal Home Situation:
I need someone who is around most of the day!

Cheeky chappy Coal is searching for his forever home!

Coal is keen to greet people with a wriggle bum and a face kiss which proves his gentle and loving nature towards people! He has been eager to seek human companionship here at the centre so would thrive in a home that can offer him plenty of affection and companionship. Coal has previously lived with young children, due to this, we would consider children in the home.

As he is a French Bulldog, he does struggle with lengthy exercise and hot weather, because of this he would be best suited to a calm home who enjoy gentle strolls. Even though Coal can struggle with large amounts of exercise, this doesn’t stop him from enjoying the sights, sounds and smells on quiet countryside walks! It would be beneficial if his new family had experience with brachialis breeds as they will have a greater understanding of his management and needs.

As Coal is a man of leisure, he prefers the quieter side to life so would be the perfect addition to a laidback family as this would match his personality. He’s also partial to a snuggle on the sofa and makes a great ‘hot water bottle’! (So long as you don’t mind the odd snore!).

Coal can be nervous/unsure of other dogs so will need a committed family that can help build his confidence slowly. His adopter(s) will need to continue the training that has already begun at CDCH to help him feel happier in the presence of other dogs. Coal would feel more comfortable in a rural or semi rural location that had access to quiet / low dog populated walks.

If you feel you could offer Coal the loving home he deserves then please fill out a perfect match form.

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