1 year and 2 months
Guinea Pig
Living with Children:
A calm home with older children who are gentle and understanding
Living with Dogs/Cats:
I would need to be kept separate and safe from any cats and dogs
Ideal Home Situation:
A calm and understanding home to help me grow in confidence

Say hello to this cutie – Copper!

Copper was initially bought in to the care of CDCH after being removed from poor living conditions, where he was kept alongside many other guinea pigs. On arrival it was apparent Copper may have been bullied by the other Guineas, but he has bounced back and grown in confidence.

Copper has been living happily with another male companion, who sadly recently passed, so he is now searching for a new home and another friend to keep him company once more.

This little chap has been described by his carers as an absolute delight – he’s come a long way since his arrival and after settling in to his new environment, has been so friendly – with gentle handling, he will often snuggle in to a comfy spot on someone’s lap. He has been very sociable with his Guinea pig companion, often seeking them out within their enclosure and spending time snuggled next to him. He’s also proved himself to be quite a vocal little piggy!

Copper is a huge foodie, with his favourite treats being Kale and Parsley. He has been able to spend time outdoors when the weather allows and seems to enjoy exploring grassy areas, so a home which could provide him the same would be ideal, although this is not essential. So long as he has lots of space to explore, as well as access to plenty of tunnels, runs and enrichment to keep him entertained he would be happy.

If you have a lonely Guinea pig who is looking for a companion of their own, and think they could be a good match for Copper, let us know by completing a perfect match form today.

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