2.5 years
Domestic Short Hair
Black and White
Living with Children:
A calmer home with children 13+ will be considered.
Living with Dogs/Cats:
I would like to be the only pet in the home
Ideal Home Situation:
A calm home with lots of comfy spots and a secure garden to explore

Curtis is a very sweet and friendly young boy who is now on the look out for a new home.

Curtis was a little shy on first arrival at the centre, taking his time to get to become familiar with his new surroundings and staff. After allowing him a few days to feel settled, and with a gentle approach, Curtis is now enjoying regular company from his carers, and will often greet them at the door, keen to say hello before gladly accepting fuss – often leaning in to you for more and purring away to show his appreciation!

Curtis has been used to living in an indoor only environment prior to arriving at the centre, but found this quite stressful. He is a young, healthy and active cat, who has enjoyed frequent play sessions and corridor zoomies, therefore, we are looking for a home with adopters who are happy to slowly introduce him to the outdoors once fully settled and feeling more confident in his new home. He often sits on his window ledge watching the world go by, so we think he will thrive on outdoor adventures and honing his hunting skills.

As Curtis can be a little tentative, he is hoping to find a calmer home with no other cats or dogs and would be best suited to a family with children 13+, who can be understanding of his settling needs.

If you think you can give Curtis the home he needs, with lots of opportunities for socialisation and fuss, as well as a lovely green outdoor space for him to explore safely in future, let us know by completing a perfect match form below:

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A little shy
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