3 years old
Cocker Spaniel
tan & merle
Living with Children:
A home with dog savvy children will be considered
Living with Dogs/Cats:
I want to be the only dog, but could live with a friendly cat
Ideal Home Situation:
An active family who don't mind cuddles

Meet Dee Dee!

This gorgeous girl is an absolute cracker! Full of energy and love to give, Dee Dee is always on the look out for fuss from any human she can get her paws on and if the opportunity arises, will scootch her way on to any lap for cuddles! Due to her love for attention, her new family will need to be accepting of an affectionate dog who may encroach on their personal space at times! She will thrive in a home where someone is around a lot to give her the company she so loves, while teaching her she may need to have boundaries at times.

Being a young spaniel, Dee Dee is looking for an active family who can provide her with lots of days out and adventures – she will get stuck in to any activity she can as long as she is by the side of her humans – she is a happy girl who always has a smile on her face! She has a cheeky personality and has been known to get the odd case of the zoomies, so a home with a lovely garden for her to run about in would be ideal. She may need some basic training around the home, as on occasion she has been known to jump up on to furniture and has a keen like for balls of wool, so keen knitters be warned!

Having lived with children previously, we would consider this again, however, Dee Dee would need to be the only dog in the home. She has lived with dogs previously, but is the jealous type and likes all the attention to herself and has shown resource guarding behaviours around high value items when in a home with other dogs. She is used to loving with cats too, and has shown no interest in them, so would be suitable to a home with an existing feline.

If you think your family can offer Dee Dee all the love and adventure she thrives on, then let us know by sending in a perfect match form:

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Adores Humans
Extremely Affectionate
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