6 years & 6 months
Jack Russell X Chihuahua
Tan, Black & White
Living with Children:
A quiet and calm home with teenagers will be considered.
Living with Dogs/Cats:
I would prefer to be the only pet in the home
Ideal Home Situation:
A calm and relaxing home with lots of comfy spots to enjoy and some human company

This very handsome boy is Dexter!

Dexter is a sweet character who loves fuss and attention from his human handlers. He has also been described as a ‘free spirit’ – often enjoying frequent zoomie time in the paddocks and exploring our enclosures with his nose, therefore he would love a garden to spend time in.

He can be quite energetic and loved his walks and exploring new areas of the countryside. He has been known to be a little alert, and may bark when he sees things he is unsure of, and become a little anxious at the sight of other dogs, but through gentle introductions, has been friendly and walked well alongside other calm dogs here at the centre. He is an intelligent boy who is eager to please (especially for a tasty treat), and will often try to impress with his own little tricks.

Dexter has only known one home since puppyhood, so can be a little shy on first meet, however, it doesn’t take long to warm up to new people and accept fuss and treats. He loves his home comforts and the company of humans – often choosing a comfy spot to lay alongside you, therefore, we are looking for a home where someone is around for much of the day to spend time with him. He would be best suited to a quiet home without too many comings and goings to worry him, and no other pets.

Dexter does have a low grade heart murmur, which has no effect on him at this time, but he does require daily tablets to help the condition, and will need 6 monthly or yearly vet checks to monitor this.

If you think that you could give Dexter the companionship and life he deserves, then let us know by completing a perfect match form below:

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