1 year and 8 months
Whippet X Lurcher
Living with Children:
Older children 15 years + will be considered
Living with Dogs/Cats:
I would need to be the only pet
Ideal Home Situation:
A calm home where someone is around for most of the day initially, to help me settle .
I require:
further training (settling in home/dog reactivity)/ confidence building

Dodger is a spirited and lively young dog who is full of energy.

This handsome chap who has come in to our care through no fault of his own, and is now looking for some understanding adopters, who can give him the stable environment and active lifestyle he needs.

While Dodger has shown himself to have a sweet nature and accepting of some affection, due to being nervous of the kennel environment, he currently prefers this on his own terms, and is likely to form strong bonds once he is fully settled in to a home, given time to build his confidence and trust. Dodger will need time and patience to help him settle into his new home and may struggle with separation anxiety if left alone, so he would benefit from a home where someone is around most of the time or where he can gradually be accustomed to being left alone for short periods

He has displayed anxious behaviours around other dogs while in kennels, often barking and lunging when he sees them when in close proximity – although, it’s apparent this behavior stems from fear rather than aggression, so can likely be improved through positive reward training and slow introductions to other well balanced dogs over time. Due to this, Dodger will need some committed adopters who are happy to take on these training needs and provide him with opportunities to learn.

One of Dodger’s standout qualities is his love for food and toys which makes him incredibly trainable, as he forms strong connections with people who use tasty treats and engaging toys as rewards

This boy would thrive in a calm and patient household that can provide him with the time, attention, and training he needs. A secure garden where he can play fetch to his hearts content and burn off his energy would be ideal. He will need to be the only pet due to his worries and prey drive, making him unsuitable to live with smaller animals.

If you have the time, patience, and love to give, Dodge could be the perfect addition to your family. With your help, he can grow into a confident and affectionate best friend. Please register your interest by completing an application below:

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A little shy
Can be reactive to other dogs on walks
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