6 months
Border Collie
Black & White
Living with Children:
Adult only or children 15 years plus
Living with Dogs/Cats:
I have the potential to live with another calm/confident dog but this isn't essential
Ideal Home Situation:
A patient and understanding home that can give me the training and lifestyle I need

Say hello to Eddie!

Eddie adores is his human friends – he is always happy to meet people and it doesn’t take long before he is giving face licks and tail wags, turning in to a typical excitable puppy. As expected of the Collie breed, Eddie is a super intelligent boy who has the ability to learn lots of tricks, so would love for someone to spend lots of time teaching him, especially if there are some tasty rewards involved.

Despite being only 6 months old, it’s clear that Eddie has so far lived a sheltered life and hasn’t become the confident young dog you would expect. He is a little unsure of how to handle all the new sights and sounds when out on walks and becomes quite overwhelmed. His new home will ideally have nearby access to quieter walking areas, where they can slowly build up his confidence, and expand his world.

Eddie has so much potential to become a wonderful and loyal addition to any household – we are sure that this will develop quickly after some time spent with patient and nurturing owners. We will initially be looking for a calm environment with adults or teenagers (15 and above), who will be understanding of his needs and dedicated to ongoing training, starting with the basics. It would be ideal if his new human(s) were around for a good part of the day, to be able to give him lots of time, as being potentially from working stock, Eddie will require lots of physical and mental stimulation throughout his life to keep him happy within the home.

Although, we can see Eddie making some great friends with other dogs, he is currently a little unsure of what to do when he sees them and can become lead frustrated. Once settled in the home, it would be lovely for him to meet other placid and calm dogs that he can learn from.

If you feel you could be the right teacher(s) for Eddie, and offer him an active and exciting future, then let us know by filling out an application form below:

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