3 years 1 month
Border Collie
Black, White & Tan
Living with Children:
Adult only or children 15 years plus
Living with Dogs/Cats:
I would prefer to be the only dog in the home, with no cats to unsettle me
Ideal Home Situation:
A calm home where I can settle and grow in confidence

This handsome chap is Flash!

Flash is a sweet young collie who is looking for a new home he can call his own. He came in to our care from a very busy multi animal household so is looking forward to having humans all to himself, so he can get as much fuss and attention as he deserves (which is currently his favourite thing).

He is a little nervous of his new environment and on walks in new areas, but with the help from staff, his confidence is building by the day and his personality is starting to shine through. Although we are looking for a quiet home initially, with adopters who are willing to take things slowly, while gently exposing him to the world, we believe that with time, patience, and encouragement, he will start to flourish and make a wonderful four legged companion.

As expected with the breed, Flash is a super intelligent boy who hits tops marks in training class, showing a great response to lessons in recall. He loves to engage with staff at the centre and shows a keen interest in learning new things, so would benefit from adopters who have the time to continue this in the home, as well as provide him with an active lifestyle in future. This is not to say that Flash doesn’t like his home comforts too – although his nervous nature can make him a little alert, he won’t say no to a sofa snuggle!

Flash has previously lived with other dogs, but is very avoidant of ones he does not know, therefore in order to allow him to settle and become more confident, we are looking for a home with no other dogs. As he is quite fearful of traffic and busy areas, ideally his new environment will have a nice garden to explore, as well as close access to quiet countryside walks. It would also be great if his new humans were around a lot of the time to help him settle in, before slowly building him up to being left, as he is not used to being alone.

We are excited for Flash to start having his own exciting experiences in life and are expecting his handsome looks to get him lots of attention, so if you think that you are the loving owners he needs and are keen to help him grow in confidence, fill out a perfect match form to let us know:

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