2 years and 6 months
Jack Russell Terrier X
White and Tan
Living with Children:
I would prefer a calm adult only home
Living with Dogs/Cats:
I would like to be the only dog, but may be ok with other friendly pets if I have space
Ideal Home Situation:
A calm and quiet home with a family who are understanding of my needs.
I require:
gentle socialisation training. Patience and time.

Gizmo is a charming young terrier with a heart of gold!

This cutey has been very nervous of his new surroundings after arriving at the centre – having known only one home throughout his life, where he was sadly unable to enjoy walks and introductions to the new environments, he now finds everything a little worrying.

Gizmo is looking for some understanding adopters who would be willing to give time and patience to build trust and confidence, through very gentle introductions to the world around him, taken at his own pace.

What Gizmo lacks in confidence, he makes up for in sweetness – although very unsure of new people, with time and a slow approach, he will soon show his loving and playful side, often seeking companionship and reassurance from those he knows best.

After being given time to adjust, Gizmo has enjoyed some quiet countryside walks with his favourite humans, but is very noise sensitive and nervous of other dogs and people, therefore, would benefit from a home which can offer walks in rural spots, away from busy roads and the hustle and bustle of town life – we hope that over time, this is something he will gain confidence with.

Gizmo is very unsure of other dogs, and often avoids or shies away from them with fear, therefore, would be best suited as the only dog initially, so that he can experience positive socialisation through training.

Due to Gizmo’s nervous nature, CDCH have made the decision not to neuter him – this will be arranged once he has fully settled in to a new home and grown in confidence as part of the adoption pack (should you live further than a 1.5 hour travel distance, then this procedure will need to be carried out by a vet more local to your home, to which a neuter voucher towards the cost will be provided).

If you are you ready to make a difference in Gizmo’s life and can be the guidance he needs, then pop over an application form today:

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