8 years 2 months
Wire-haired Vizsla
Living with Children:
Calm and dog saavy children 13+ will be considered.
Living with Dogs/Cats:
I would prefer to be the only pet in the home
Ideal Home Situation:
A calm and relaxing environment, with people who are understanding of my needs.
I require:
Help with my recovery, future physio/hydro, someone to be around for a lot of the day

Meet is our very handsome gentleman Goose – the lovable 8 year old wire haired Vizsla.

Goose is getting used to life on three legs, after suffering with a severe injury to his rear left leg which was sadly left untreated, resulting in an amputation. He has recovered well from his surgery, and is currently receiving lots of TLC in a foster home, which has helped to provide a calm and comfortable environment to recover in. Now Goose has started to become accustomed to life as a tripod dog, he is looking for an understanding forever home with some very caring humans!

This boy adores people and loves to receive fuss from everyone he meets – he is a very affectionate chap and it doesn’t take him long to build bonds, always wanting to be by your side (or rest his head on a lap) – the more cuddles the better! He has shown some signs of separation anxiety, always wanting to be in the same room as his foster carer and often getting upset when left behind, so will need time to settle and humans who are willing to help him feel more comfortable when left alone. Goose’s ideal home would involve someone being around for a good chunk of the day, not only to give him the company he craves, but to maintain his aftercare too.

Goose is currently on a plan to ensure his body gets used to it’s adjustments, so will require his new family to be on board with providing extra TLC, such as regular physio sessions and future hydrotherapy. Being a larger breed, he understandably gets tired on walks, so enjoys opportunities for shorter, more frequent outings throughout the day, where he can take lots of time to sniff and have rest breaks when needed. Due to this, his ideal match would be patient family who don’t mind taking life at a slower pace and a home with a garden to spend time in.

He can be a little unsure of other dogs, which may be caused by his feelings of vulnerability due to being less mobile, so would need to be the only dog in the home and would prefer to be walked in quieter areas, where off-lead dogs won’t be a worry for him. Although this is easily managed through treats and distraction, once he has become stronger, he would benefit from slow introductions and socialisation with other calm and placid dogs who are happy to give him some distance. Goose in very intelligent and already knows many words, such as sit, down and leave, which alongside his love for tasty treats, is the perfect combination for future training.

Some considerations will need to be made around the home for any adopters, as Goose struggles with stairs and will need assistance with safely getting in and out of vehicles.

Medical: as well as the need for ongoing physio or hydro sessions, Goose has previously suffered with dry itchy skin and dry eyes, so is on daily medications, such as tablets and eye drops to help prevent any flare ups and keep him feeling comfortable. Due to these needs, his adopters will need to be happy taking on additional medical needs and costs going forward.

Goose’s foster carer has let us know that he is a real character to have around the house, often bringing a ‘gift’ to meet her and show his delight when she returns from a trip out, and his ordeal hasn’t stopped him being playful either, as he will occasionally carry the odd shoe or toy around for entertainment. He is a happy and gentle dog who is so deserving of a loving new family and all the comforts he could hope for – could this be with yours?

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