1 year and 10 months
Labrador X Staffie
Living with Children:
I need an adult only home
Living with Dogs/Cats:
I need to be the only pet
Ideal Home Situation:
I require a patient, experienced and understanding family home

Are you ready for some Hades in your life?

This handsome boy will need owners who have the time and energy to give him the mental and physical stimulation he needs. Due to his very bouncy nature (he has springs for legs) and mischievous ways, he would be best suited to owners who are confident in handling strong and boisterous dogs and are prepared for a whole lot of Hades.

Hades arrived at the centre terrified of life, but after slow introductions to new things, he has transformed and can even appear quite confident at times, however, some things he still finds a little daunting which means his new owners will need to be patient and understanding of this.

One of Hades biggest struggles is meeting new people – due to his nervousness, he can be wary of strangers approaching him and will need slow and steady introductions outside of the home before they can give him fuss. Hades will require multiple visits to the centre to get to know him, but once he has built a bond, he is a friend for life and will happily show affection and enjoy play with that person. He will thrive in a quiet home with minimal disturbances, especially while he is settling in.

He has made many doggy walking buddies here at the centre after being built up with them at his pace. Once good friends with the right dog, he has been able to have short observed sessions of off-lead play, however, from history, he has learnt to be quite rough, which can become ‘too much’ for other dogs and may result in negative interactions if not taken slowly. Hades can be really untrusting of dogs he doesn’t know approaching him and has very poor recall, therefore he will need to be kept on-lead on all walks. We would encourage frequent socialisation with new dogs who are placid in temperament in order to improve his manners and build on his confidence around this. He will need to be the only dog in the home.

Hades is a bright young dog who picks up new training techniques well. He can get a little over excited or anxious at times and does not always know how to manage this, which can result in him jumping up and grabbing – there is no malice in this and we have put techniques in to place in order to minimise him from continuing the behaviour, but he will need consistent management in his new home. He has lived most of his life outside, so will need lots of time to adjust to his new environment – it’s important his new home is with someone who is around most of the time as he finds being left quite distressing, as well as someone who is willing to put time in to settling him in to a normal home life. Giving him structure, boundaries and routine is a must as he can currently be a little destructive and tends to steal things he shouldn’t have, making everything in to a game.

Hades needs some work but has great potential – he would be a great companion dog for someone active who would like a new best friend in their life. If you like the sound of long walks, training sessions, extra activities and think you can offer the home this loving larger than life boy needs, fill out a perfect match form soon!

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