estimate 8 months
Old Tyme Bulldog X
Grey and White
Living with Children:
A home with dog savvy older children (13 years+) will be considered
Living with Dogs/Cats:
A home with other pets will be considered
Ideal Home Situation:
An active dog savvy family who are happy to take on puppy socialisation and training.

Breed: Old Tyme Bulldog Crossbreed (cousin of the English Bulldog)
Personality Traits: Cheeky, Confident, Playful
Ideal Home: No Young Children, Puppy Training Enthusiasts

Meet Hamish, our cheeky bulldog pup who is now on the lookout for a loving family that can embrace his playful spirit and provide the guidance he needs to grow into a well-mannered adult dog.

Personality: Although he hasn’t had the best start to his young life, which has meant he has missed out on positive puppy experiences and socialisation, Hamish seems to be a confident pup, whose playful antics and mischievous nature will undoubtedly bring joy and laughter to his future home. He’s a curious soul, always eager to explore and experience new adventures.

Ideal Home: Hamish would thrive in a home without young children, as his typical puppy behaviors, including potential mouthing and chewing, may not be suitable for the little ones. A family or individual who is ready for the joys and challenges of puppyhood, and is committed to providing consistent training, will be the perfect match for him. We may consider homes with other dogs, so long as they are confident and super tolerant of younger, more playful pups.

Special considerations: As Hamish falls in to the brachycephalic breed category, any adopters will need to be on board with monitoring his breathing and development as he grows. Adopters with knowledge or experience of the flatter faced breeds would be desirable.

Medical Information: Hamish arrived at the centre underweight, therefore is on a monitored diet which will need continuing in the home.

Hamish will need to be neutered, which will be arranged when he reaches an appropriate age. Due to this, any adopters will need to be willing to return to CDCH at a later date for the procedure to be carried out by our veterinary team (if you live within a 1.5 hour driving distance. Homes with a further travel distance will need to arrange for this procedure to be carried out at a vet practice local to them, to which a voucher will be provided towards the cost will be provided – proof of neuter will be required).

Adoption Information: The minimum adoption donation for a dog over 6 months of age is £350– this helps us ensure that the dogs who leave our care are up to date with initial flea & worming treatments, health checks, initial vaccinations and neutering. You will also receive a months free PetPlan insurance, a £25 voucher to spend on essential items within our centre shop, as well as a weeks worth of his specific diet.

We require any adopters to be ready to adopt at the time of application – our rehoming process is expected to be within two weeks of a suitable match being identified.

If you’re ready to open your heart and home to a playful and lovable companion, Hamish is eager to meet you! Please complete a perfect match form below:

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