6 years old
Staffordshire Bull terrier
Living with Children:
I could live with children of 13 years +
Living with Dogs/Cats:
I need to be the only dog in the home
Ideal Home Situation:
I need a calm quiet home that can show me the love I deserve

The lovely Harley is now on the search for her forever home.

Harley has an infectious personality; she’s playful, friendly and affectionate. She adores the company of humans so will need someone who is around for most of the day as she can become worried when left alone. She could live with teenage children that were dog savvy, and they of course, need to be open for having a snuggle on the sofa! She’s proven to be a loyal companion and bonds quickly with people.

She needs a calm and quiet environment to allow her to decompress from kennels and become relaxed in her surroundings as she’s found kennel life stressful. She’s an active girl, who loves nothing more than a long countryside walk with her favourite human companions. She will benefit from an outdoorsy person who can provide her with plenty of physical and mental stimulation as she’s the happiest when walking and learning. After some time of exploring the outdoors, Harley is keen to get home and curl up on the sofa for an afternoon snooze!

She would be best suited to a semi-rural or rural location that has plenty of low dog populated walks around as she can be uncomfortable about other dog’s entering her personal space. Her new family will need to be confident and committed to slowly helping Harley overcome some of her anxieties towards other dogs when she’s settled into the home. Due to this, Harley will need to be the only dog in the home.

She has the potential to live with a cat, as she previously lived with one; however, careful prevision and introductions would need to be carried out within the home over time to keep both animals safe and comfortable.

If you could provide Harley with the stable and loving forever home she deserves, then please fill out a perfect match form.

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