3.5 years
Labrador X Staffie
Living with Children:
Adult only or children 15 years plus
Living with Dogs/Cats:
I would need to be the only animal in the home
Ideal Home Situation:
A calm home who allow me time to settle

Meet handsome boy Harry!

Sadly, he has found himself in our care through no fault of his own and is now looking for his forever home after an unsettled start.

He is a super sensitive soul who finds some aspects of life a little worrying, but we know that once he is comfortable in a loving home, he makes a wonderful companion and adores nothing more than being in the company of his favourite humans.

Although Harry has turned out to be a bit of a sofa sloth, he does have an energetic nature and some mischievous ways, so would be best suited to owners who can be confident with a strong and slightly boisterous dog, while being patient and understanding in the way they manage any challenging behaviours. Harry lived a large part of his life outdoors without the attention he deserved, so giving him structure, boundaries and routine will help settle him in to his new environment.

A perfect day in Harrys eyes would include a lovely rural walk, perhaps involving a swim if the opportunity arises (he loves the water), with a comfy spot on the sofa to come back to, which is where he will happily spend the remainder of his day, as long as his human is not too far! He has struggled with separation anxiety, so will thrive best in a home where someone can be around for most of the day and slowly build him up to being left – we know that once he is familiar with a routine and knows he won’t be left for too long, that he will manage for short periods of time.

Harry has had quite the journey and initially arrived at the centre terrified of life but with slow introductions to new things, he has transformed. He still struggles with meeting new people as he is very nervous of them, so will need his home to be very quiet, with minimal disturbances, allowing him to build potential friendships outside of the home before they are introduced in to his safe space. Due to this, he will require multiple visits to the centre from any potential adopter to get to know him, but once he has built a bond, he is a friend for life and will happily show affection – a face lick and belly flop for scratches will be quite a regular occurrence form there on!!

Although Harry has made many like-minded doggy walking buddies here at the centre after careful introductions, he will need to be the only pet in the home. He can be anxious of some dogs approaching while on walks, so avoiding busy dog parks will be essential, but if introduced correctly to the right dog, he will happily go on adventures with them. We would encourage frequent socialisation with new dogs who are placid in temperament in order to improve his manners and build on his confidence around this.

If you live a quiet life and would like to include a companion for long walks, games and lots of cuddles and think you are the home this loving larger than life boy needs, please fill out a perfect match form soon!

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