Honey - Supportive home needed

Honey - Supportive home needed

3 years and 6 months
French Bulldog
Living with Children:
A calm home with older children who are gentle and understanding
Living with Dogs/Cats:
I would prefer to be the only dog in the home.
Ideal Home Situation:
A calm and quiet home with a family who are understanding of my needs.
I require:
regular medicated baths/ daily tablets in food / occasional vet visits

Supported foster/adoption – please read full profile…

About Honey…

You may not believe it, but Honey is a young 3 year old French Bulldog pup, who as you can see, arrived at CDCH in a very poorly state.

Honey is has made some wonderful improvements while in our care, which has been lovely to see – she is a determined girl who is always eager to enjoy the day, however, sadly, her condition is likely to never fully improve, therefore, she is now looking for some very special loving and supportive humans, who can provide her with a peaceful forever home, and dote on her just like she deserves!

Despite her difficult start, Honey is a little mischief and staff have loved seeing her cheeky side shining through. This girl is super loving and loves a cuddle, as well as snuggling up in her big fluffy bed – so plenty of cosy naps are a must! She is a sociable butterfly and adores everyone she meets, so won’t mind visitors either! Sadly, she is not so fond of other dogs, and can be quite reactive, so will need to be the only dog in the home and avoid interactions where possible.

The support Honey needs:

Honey’s journey is far from over, sadly she has been diagnosed with a degenerative spinal condition, causing weakness and loss of some feeling in her hind legs.

She is currently undergoing a four week plan, involving regular physio and hydrotherapy appointments and sessions to help build her strength and muscle movement in her hind legs. We are pleased to say, that after starting her plan, we have seen some improvements and positive little steps in the right direction, therefore, are hopeful that with this, she can maintain her quality of life.

Her future carers will need to be understanding and aware that her condition will require on-going support, both in the home and through regular hydrotherapy sessions at a specialised facility and physio exercises in the home. Sadly, despite these efforts, we cannot make any guarantees of what challenges she may face along the way.

Honey’s carers should be happy to take things at a slower pace – she can be speedy when she wants to, but can only manage short 10 minute walks at a time, therefore, will need to be kept to low levels of activity. Although, being a social butterfly, would likely not mind assisted trips out, which take the pressure off her legs (she enjoys a stroll in her push buggy). As long as her brain is kept busy with puzzles, ‘find it’ games, garden sniffs and lots of fuss and attention from her favourite humans, she is easily kept happy.

We are looking for  compassionate person, who would be happy to take on Honey’s care and offer her the simple lifestyle she needs, while she continues to remain happy and comfortable.

How CDCH will continue to support her:

Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring Honey’s continued well-being and happiness. We are looking to provide supportive care, throughout Honeys life, therefore, in order to give her the best chance of success, CDCH are happy to arrange a supported adoption or foster agreement, for anyone within a suitable travel distance to the centre, who is willing to travel.

CDCH will be looking to remain in frequent contact with any future carer, and will look to provide guidance, resources and assistance to her new family every step of the way.

If you would like to learn more about the gorgeous girl that Honey is and feel ready to make a difference to the life of a furry friend in need, then complete a perfect match form in her name to let us know…

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