1 year & 4 months
Staffy X Lurcher
White and Black
Living with Children:
Dog savvy children 15 years + will be considered
Living with Dogs/Cats:
I would prefer to be the only animal in the home
Ideal Home Situation:
An active family who can provide a calm home environment
I require:
Further training/ Frequent exercise and mental stimulation

Izzy is our gorgeous young Staffy x Lurcher, who is now on the lookout for a human side kick (or two).

After settling in to life at CDCH, this girl has proven herself to be sweet and affectionate – her photos will prove she is full of love for her favourite people! Although she can make friends quite quickly, Izzy has been more reserved around strangers, and can be a little fearful when meeting new people, therefore, would benefit from a calmer home environment, with minimal comings and goings to help her feel settled.

She is definitely a loyal pup, and would be a great companion to adopters who can be understanding of her initial anxieties, and patient while continuing to work on positive introductions. Once you have won Izzy over, she always very excited to greet you, giving bum wiggles and tail wags. Being the goof she is, she sometimes forgets her size and can be a little bouncy, trying to give face licks and leaning in for bum scratches, therefore, her new family will need to be comfortable with these behaviours.

Izzy’s loves to play and is always up for a game of tug, or ball chase, although we are still working on the retrieve part! Not only is she a pretty face, she also has the brains to back her, having gained a gold star in training for being very clever when is comes to picking up new tricks. She is very attentive and eager to learn (of course a tasty treat always helps).

Izzy has made some great doggy friends at the centre, who she has been able to join on walks and mini adventures, where she walks lovely on the lead and listens well to her handlers. Being a young and energetic dog, her ideal home would be active, and able to give her lots if mental stimulation to keep her entertained, as well as the opportunity to meet other dogs of similar nature. Although she is comfortable with dogs after introductions are made, she can be quite enthusiastic, which is not every dogs cup of tea, therefore, would be best as the only dog in the home at this time.

*Izzy is due to be neutered later this year (around August time), therefore, her adopters will need to be willing to return to the centre on an arranged date for this procedure to be carried out (this is included within the adoption fee). Any adopters with a travel distance longer than 1.5 hrs, will need arrange this with their own local vets, to which a voucher can be provided towards the cost (this will unlikely cover the full fee).

If you think Izzy could be the perfect playmate, cuddle buddy and all round adventure side kick for you, then get in touch to let us know:

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Affectionate once comfortable
Can be nervous of new people
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