6 months
Rottweiler X
Living with Children:
I would be best suited to dog savvy older children (13+)
Living with Dogs/Cats:
I may find other dogs scary and not want to make friends, but we are open to applications
Ideal Home Situation:
A calm home with understanding adopters who are willing to work on my training
I require:
toilet training/ socialisation/ confidence building.

Junior was one of three pups, who arrived at CDCH after spending the first 6 months of their life living in a crate, never having been walked!

It’s no surprise that this sweet boy is  worried of all the new sights and sounds at CDCH, taking tentative steps in to the big world he is has now being exposed to. Although shy, due to his age, we are sure that with gentle and positive introductions from a loving family who are happy to take things at a slower pace, he will soon flourish!

Having lived in a small space with his siblings, and having missed out on all the important puppy socialisation and experiences he should have had, Junior is now finding things quite overwhelming, resulting in anxious behaviours such as stress mouthing, therefore, he would be best suited to a home with no young children, and a family who are understanding of how this will need to be managed in the home.

Junior is currently quite fearful of other dogs, making him unsure of how to react, therefore, he may find initial introductions quite scary – in order to minimise his time in kennels, he may be best suited to a home with no other dogs initially, however, we are open to applications where existing dogs are calm and respectful. With either option, it will be important for his new family carry out regular training and positive introductions to other dogs, to ensure he becomes more confident and can grow in to a well balanced adult.

You can’t argue that Junior is a handsome chap – we cannot be sure of his breed, although, there is perhaps some Rottie X, and Husky in there – due to this, he will need a family who are happy to provide him will all the necessary training while still young, and the mental and physical stimulation and exercise he would love in future.

Anyone considering adoption of Junior, will need to be ready to take in a new family member at the point of application, and willing to move forward quickly. He will need to return to the centre for neutering when he reaches an appropriate age (the CDCH Team will be in contact to make arrangements – should you live further than 1.5 hours travel distance from the centre, this will need to be planned with a local vet, and CDCH will require proof of procedure being carried out.)

If you think you can offer Junior the guidance and positive training he needs, to build his confidence and help him develop in to a happy adult dog, then complete a perfect match form to let us know…

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