7 years and 7 months
Domestic Short Hair
Black and White
Living with Children:
A calmer home with children 13+ will be considered.
Living with Dogs/Cats:
I would like to be the only pet in the home
Ideal Home Situation:
A calm and relaxing environment, with people who are understanding of my needs.

Kevin is a very shy, but sweet boy who is now on the look out for an understanding forever home.

It took a few days for Kevin to settle in to the cattery environment, often choosing to keep to his safe space and comfy bed, but after allowing him a few days to adjust, and taking a gentle approach, Kevin is feeling a little more confident, and will now come out to spend time with his carers, showing eagerness for attention and rolling around on the floor whilst you give fuss.

Kevin has enjoyed toys and sensory enrichment, such as catnip pompoms, ball and wand toys, so would love to have opportunities to enjoy the same in his new home. He has been used to living in an indoor only environment prior to arriving at the centre, but has shown a keen interest in the outdoors, therefore, we are looking for some understanding adopters who are happy to slowly introduce him to a safe outdoors space once he is fully settled and feeling more confident in his new home, however, accepting that he may wish to spend more time inside.

As Kevin is quite shy and can be a little tentative when meeting new people, he is hoping to find a calmer home and would be best suited to a family with children 13+, who can be understanding of his settling needs. Although he does enjoy fuss when he gets to know you, he is an independent cat and would like it to be on his own terms. He will need a quiet safe space initially and his adopters may need to spend some time building a bond before he starts to explore larger areas of the home.

Any adopters should be willing to return to the centre on the 24/11/23 for a second vaccination to take place.

If you think you can give Kevin the quiet and safe home he needs, with lots of opportunities for fuss, as well as a lovely green outdoor space for him to explore safely in future, let us know by completing a perfect match form below:

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