11 Months Old
American Bulldog X
Living with Children:
Adult only or children 15 years plus
Living with Dogs/Cats:
I would prefer to be the only pet in the home
Ideal Home Situation:
A calm and understanding home to help me grow in confidence
I require:
Extra training and steady socialisation. A quiet area.

Kiwi is an 11 month old medium sized crossbreed who sadly has not had the best start to her young life. She was bought in to our care by the RSPCA, after being found to be living in a dirty crate, which is believed to have been for most of her young life. After her very unfortunate puppyhood, she is now ready to find some loving and understanding adopters who can show her that humans can be kind.

Due to her lack of positive social interactions with people and the world around her, as expected, Kiwi has developed a nervous disposition and can take a little time to warm to new people and environments, but we are pleased to see her confidence growing by the day. Kiwi has proven how forgiving animals can be, and has become a very loving and affectionate girl who adores fuss and attention. As long as people are gentle and allow her to approach on her own terms, she is keen to make new friends.

Kiwi is a clever pup who is super responsive to training and has been absorbing all the new tricks staff have been teaching her – after arriving with no training, she has quickly mastered sit, down, roll over and touch. Being a huge foody helps to get her attention and she will always offer tricks in return for a tasty treat – this will be beneficial with any training, which will need continuing in the home.

As Kiwi has not experienced a home environment in the 11 months of her life, she will need some help from her new adopters to settle in and feel comfortable. Initially she will require someone to be around for most of the time to build a bond and make her feel safe, as well as assist with on-going toilet training, before slowly building her up to being left for short periods of time. She is also likely to feel a bit anxious so her new family will need to be patient and understanding of her worries and ensure to provide her with plenty of enrichment.

Due to her slightly nervous nature, Kiwi is looking for a home with no young children (15 years +) or other pets, to ensure a quiet and calm environment, which is what she will need. It’s important that her humans feel confident around nervous dogs and reading their body language, and are willing to commit to on-going socialisation training and steady introductions to new environments, people and other dogs in a positive manner.  Kiwi would be most suited to living in close proximity to quiet countryside areas, so that she is not overwhelmed by hustle and bustle.

Due to her building great bonds with her handlers and showing us that she is keen to learn and enjoy life, we are certain that a calm home with people who are keen to shower her with love, build on her experiences and give her the life she deserves, she will flourish. If you think this is something you could offer, let us know by sending a perfect match form our way:

Please note, that due to her age, Kiwi has not yet been neutered, which will be due towards the end of the year, so any adopters will need to return to the centre at a later date for this to be carried out. If you live more than 1.5 hours away, then we would not consider a return, and will provide a neuter voucher towards the cost, to which proof of procedure will be requested once it has been carried out.

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