3 years old
Cocker Spaniel
Living with Children:
I could live with dog savvy children 10years+
Living with Dogs/Cats:
I would prefer to be the only pet in the home
Ideal Home Situation:
An understanding family who can offer initial patience, but are keen to take on my training and activity needs.
I require:
further training/ a high level of activity and stimulation

Koda is a spirited and energetic young working cocker spaniel. This busy girl has spent most of her life outdoors, with limited experiences and socialisation, which has contributed to some initial anxiety and uncertainty, however, she is eager to explore and with guidance, she’s sure to thrive and become more comfortable in new environments.

Ideal Home:

Koda is seeking a home with adopters who are committed to on-going training, helping her build confidence and adjusting to indoor living. She would thrive as the only pet, where she can receive the focused attention while she adjusts. Koda is not your typical family dog, she will need an active household that can provide plenty of mental and physical stimulation as this will be essential to keeping her happy and fulfilled. Koda is quite an independent girl, often choosing to explore her surroundings rather than snuggle or engage in social situations, therefore, will appreciate space and a very secure garden.


Due to her lack of experience with indoor environments, Koda is likely to need time and patience to settle and adjust to a new home – she currently finds it hard to switch off and will likely need support during this time, with someone around for good parts of the day.

Activity Level:

As a true working cocker spaniel, Koda has a boundless energy and a keen intellect. She thrives on activity and stimulation, making her the perfect candidate for activities such as scent work or agility – she shows great potential as a working dog!

Future Potential:

With time, patience, and ongoing training, Koda could become an exceptional companion for those who can offer lots of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and maintain an active lifestyle.

If you’re ready to welcome Koda into your home and provide her with the love, patience, and training she needs to thrive, please reach out to us by completing a perfect match form below:

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