1 year and 8 months
Terrier X
Living with Children:
Adult Only 18yrs +
Living with Dogs/Cats:
I could potentially live with another dog if it was an appropriate match for me
Ideal Home Situation:
I need a quiet and calm home

Beautiful Lara is looking for her forever home,

Lara ended up in our care because of harrowing events that took place which have led her to have a tramutic past. However, since arriving in our care Lara has had the luxury of spending the last year in a wonderful foster home where she has blossomed into a playful, goofy young dog. She has now learnt that not all humans are bad and is looking for a home that will continue to shower her with love and affection.

She can be a sensitive soul to new surroundings and new people but has learnt to make friends quickly, espcially if someone is willing to give her a tasty treat and play with her! She forms bonds quickly once she’s learnt to trust, and is eager to learn new things, play and explore. She would benefit from an adult only home who has plenty of time to spend with her as she thrives in human company.

As Lara is still young, she would benefit from a home that would be keen to continue on-going training to mental stimulation her brain. She’s a clever little pup who enjoys learning new things and building her confidence.

Lara has the potential to live with another dog, if it was the right match to her and her play style. She’s young and boisterous so can be over the top in play and excitable; a dog would need to be tolerant of this. This being said, she would be perfectly suitable to be the only dog in the home to allow the focus to be on her.

As Lara can be worried by busy areas she would benefit from a rural location that can offer her quiet open countryside walks.

If you feel you could offer Lara the forever home she deserves then please fill out a perfect match form.

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