13 years old
French Bulldog
Black (& some grey)
Living with Children:
I could live with children of primary school age
Living with Dogs/Cats:
I would prefer to be the only dog, and have no history of living with cats.
Ideal Home Situation:
A calm and chilled home environment, with a family who doesn't mind my low activity needs.

Lexi is our mature French bulldog who is on the look out for a cosy home to retire to.

This lady arrived in our care after sadly losing her previous owner, and seems to have been used to a chilled and quiet life. After spending the last two weeks in a loving foster home, Lexi has shown herself to have a super sweet nature, and friendly with everyone she meets, often greeting visitors.

Lexi is very well behaved in the home, often shadowing her foster human to see what they are up to, taking lots of well deserved naps (she loves a cosy cushion to doze on), lapping up sunny spots in the garden, occassionally enjoying a game of ball (although, she would rather not have to fetch it herself), and even watching the odd bit of TV.

She is super happy and relaxed in her home environment, in fact, mostly horizontal, and doesn’t bat an eyelid at the general day to day hustle and bustle, however, has displayed very anxious behaviours in more public environments, often wanting nothing more than to return home. Due to this, Lexi is more suited to a chilled lifestyle, as a companion dog for someone who is happy to skip the day to day dog walks, in exchange for some garden play (she would much rather spend her time at home where she feels safe). Lexi would benefit from direct access to a garden space, which allows her a secure outdoor space to spend time in. As Lexi is so happy at home, she is not phased by being left for periods of time, and will often be found snoozing in the same spot on return.

Lexi is looking for a home as the only dog, so that she can relax and enjoy her own space.

If you think that Lexi could make the perfect four legged addition to your home, and you could provide her with the less active life she is looking for, then complete a perfect match form below:

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Likes a chilled life
Loves to sleep
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