5 years old
Domestic Long Hair
White & Black
Living with Children:
I could live with older children 12+
Living with Dogs/Cats:
a home with no other cats or dogs
Ideal Home Situation:
A calm and relaxing home with lots of comfy spots to enjoy and some human company
I require:
outdoor access if I choose

Meet Lily, our super cute, fluff ball!

Lily may have lost her ears due to sun damage, but this hasn’t affected her character. She is a super charming kitty who has taken it all in her stride and is now keen to start her journey in her forever home.

She is a delightful and affectionate girl, known for her friendly and gentle demeanour towards all the staff at the centre, always greeting them with a happy meow and accepting fuss, often nuzzling for more while giving gentle purrs.

Lily has a playful side that emerges when engaging with toys or during interactive playtime – she generally adores being around people, or is just as content watching the world go by from her favourite spot. She can be an independent cat and has previously enjoyed time outside, exploring all that nature has to offer, so is looking forward to new adventures once settled.  

Lily’s ears are all healed and will cause no problems in future, however, she would benefit from the odd splash of pet friendly sun cream, to avoid risk of discomfort in the summer months.

We think Lily will settle well in to a loving, calm and pet free home, without too many comings and goings. A home with calm children will be considered (8 years+). If you feel you are the perfect match for Lily and can offer her the she deserves, please complete a perfect match form below to register your interest.

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