10 years old
Domestic Short Hair
Black & White
Living with Children:
I could live with older children 12+
Living with Dogs/Cats:
a home with no other cats or dogs
Ideal Home Situation:
A laidback family who can provide me with lots of attention
I require:
outdoor access if I choose

Meet Lucky, a 10 year old female black and white shorthair.

Lucky is a friendly and affectionate girl who enjoys human company and interaction. She is quick to make friends and spends her days purring away with our staff. Lucky is bright girl who is looking for a relaxing and loving home where she can explore the outdoors and then snuggle up with her adopters when she’s tired herself out. She quickly made herself at home in our cattery and has proven herself to be a sweet and interactive companion.

Sadly this gorgeous girl has been diagnosed with Kidney disease, which is currently under control and has not affected Lucky’s comfort and happiness. We are hoping that Lucky will remain stable, and that she can continue to enjoy her years spent cuddling up and receiving all the fuss she deserves, however, there is unfortunately no guarantee of her future. We are looking for some wonderful adopters who are understanding of the potential for future changes to her medical needs, and who have an awareness of how the life span of any cat with this can be shortened. 

Currently, Lucky will need to remain on a specialised diet and require blood tests and pressure checks every 6 month at the vets, to keep her levels in check.

CDCH would be happy to arrange a supported adoption to anyone living within a 30-40 minute travel distance of the centre. 

If you are the understanding adopter Lucky is looking for, who is happy to give her the safe space she needs during a vulnerable time of her life, please complete a perfect match form below to let us know…


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