2 years 1 month
Spaniel X Whippet
Black & White
Living with Children:
I could live with children aged 10+
Ideal Home Situation:
A calm home with owners who can help build my confidence.

This gorgeous girl is our 2 year old Spaniel X Whippet Luna!

During her short stay here at the centre, she has already stolen the hearts of all the staff and has shown to be at her happiest in the company of her favourite humans. Luna would make a fab all round companion – she has a soft and loving nature, and is just as content snuggling up on the sofa as she is on walk and enjoying play sessions in the garden.

Luna is not the most confident of young dogs and has shown herself to be quite shy when it comes to meeting new people, however, a gentle approach and a tasty treat goes a long way, meaning it doesn’t take long for her to build a bond. Due to her timidness, she would be best suited to a calm and understanding home with owners who can provide her with plenty of time, love and attention.

Although she has lived with other dogs, Luna arrived in our care due to finding it hard to get on with them in the home and wanting her own space. It is apparent that other dogs make her feel uncomfortable, as she often displays nervous body language in their presence and does her best to avoid them. Due to this, she would like to be the only dog in the home, where she can relax and have all the best sleeping spots to herself. Her ideal home would have access to countryside walks in less dog populated areas, where she can enjoy the outdoors without the worry. Despite this, she would benefit from regular confidence building activities, such as introductions to other calm placid dogs and steady socialisation.

Luna is not yet neutered and has recently been in season, meaning that she will need to wait before this procedure can take place. To prevent a longer stay than necessary in kennels, her adopters will need to be happy to return to the centre in a few months time so that our vet can carry this out, making sure in the meantime that she is safe from any un-neutered male dogs.

If you could offer Luna the home she is seeking, then please fill out a perfect match form to let us know:

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