10 months old
Staffie X
Living with Children:
A calm home with understanding and dog savvy children age 12+
Living with Dogs/Cats:
I am looking for a home with no other animals
Ideal Home Situation:
A calm and affectionate family who can offer me lots of attention

Meet Luna: The Loving and People-Friendly Staffie X

Are you ready to open your heart and home to a sweet, affectionate canine companion? Luna, our wonderful female bull breed, is eagerly seeking a forever home filled with love and understanding. This charming girl has a huge heart, which she’s ready to share with a family who can provide the care and patience she deserves.

Luna is a true gem, displaying a loving and gentle nature that instantly wins over everyone she meets. Her affectionate demeanor makes her a fantastic companion, always ready to cuddle up for some quality bonding time. Luna thrives on human interaction and is eager to meet new people, making her an ideal addition to families looking for a loyal and loving four-legged friend.

Ideal Home:
Luna would flourish in a home where she is the center of attention, receiving the love and care she so deserves. A family or individual willing to invest time in her continued socialisation, as well as maintain her skincare routine, will be rewarded with the companionship of a truly devoted and loving canine companion. She would be suitable to live with confident and dog savvy children of 12 years plus.

While Luna is incredibly people-friendly, she does experience barrier frustration on the lead when encountering other dogs. She is social and friendly towards other dogs but can struggle with frustration when seeing them at a distance. With the right guidance and a patient hand, she has the potential to overcome this challenge and become more social with her canine counterparts. A home that understands Luna’s need for positive reinforcement and gradual socialisation will help her build confidence and navigate the world outside.

Medical Information:
Upon entering the shelter, Luna was dealing with a chronic skin condition that has been diligently treated. She will require ongoing care and attention in her new home to manage this condition. A family committed to her well-being, including regular veterinary check-ups, prescribed medications, and a suitable diet, will ensure Luna continues to thrive and blossom into her happiest self.

If you have the heart and dedication to provide Luna with the forever home she deserves, please fill out a perfect match form to let us know:

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