Luna & Lyra

2 years old
Guinea Pig
Black and white & white
Living with Children:
A calm home with older children who are gentle and understanding
Living with Dogs/Cats:
I could live with other pets in the home
Ideal Home Situation:
A calm and understanding home to help me grow in confidence

Meet Luna & Lyra, our gorgeous Teddy guinea pigs.

These two cuties came into our care by no fault of their own, after their owner felt they could no longer meet their needs.

Although slightly nervous of handling, both girls are sweet and affectionate in nature – Lyra, with white fur, is the more confident of the two, while Luna, the black and white mix, is quite subdued . Due to this, they are looking for a calm home, with adopters who are happy to be hands off initially – with a little patience and a gentle approach (perhaps involving lots of tasty treats for encouragement), both guineas will soon become more comfortable and may even enjoy a cuddle in time.

Luna and Lyra are both big foodies, and have been enjoying a selection of veggies in their foster home –  broccoli, chard, and carrots are some of their faves. Like any guineas, they are intelligent girls and would benefit from frequent activities and opportunities to keep their brains busy – occasional snuffle mats filled with treats like pea flakes, herbs, and dried dandelion leaves have been a winner!

A consideration for any adopter – as Teddy guinea pigs are more prone to dry, dandruffy skin, this is something that their new home will need to monitor in the future to make sure they are not in any discomfort.

Luna and Lyra and looking for a home as a bonded pair, but could potentially be rehomed with another female guinea pig, so long as the adopter was confident in carrying out a slow bonding process.

Accommodation requirements:

The recommended accommodation size for a pair of female guineas is 10ft2 / 140 x 70 cm. Three female guinea pigs will require 12ft2 / 175 x 70 cm on one level. 

Please note that any adopters would need to have appropriate measures in place to allow a slow bonding process to take place.

If you feel you could give Luna and Lyra their perfect forever home, please complete their perfect match form below:

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