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Say hello to our gorgeous new addition Maisie – a 15 week old Cocker Spaniel!

Maisie is a very excitable puppy, who is now looking for a family with lots of time to shower her with love and as many play sessions as she can get. Being so young, she still has lots to learn so would benefit from owners who are happy to teach her the ropes and perhaps introduce her to puppy classes to increase her training and socialisation. She will initially need to have someone who is around most of the time, so that she can be built her up to being left for short periods as she grows.

As expected with the Cocker Spaniel breed, Maisie is a very active pup and can be quite cheeky. She has a strong drive for human food, and will try climb anything for a tasty morsel, which will need managing in the home to avoid her getting her paws on things she shouldn’t. She would benefit from a family who can give her lots of daily physical and mental stimulation and ensure she gets the exercise she needs. She is still fairly new to the world, so will be excited to explore new things and build her confidence.

Maisie loves people and will often clamber up for face kisses if she gets the chance – due to her nature she would be suitable to living with primary school age children who are dog savvy and confident with energetic puppy behaviour as she has displayed mouthing and jumping up. She can find over zealous dogs a little worrying, but would be suited to living with another respectful dog, who will tolerate puppy play as she becomes more confident.

Once settled, Maisie she will need to be slowly and positively introduced to a groomer, as it’s likely she will need regular grooming (every 12 weeks) when her full coat comes in.

We are expecting a large number of applications in the interest of Maisie, therefore would need her adopters to be fully ready to take on a new pup at the time of application. As she is still too young to be neutered before adoption, her new owner(s) should also be willing to return to the centre at an appropriate age for this to be carried out (covered within the adoption fee) – this is expected to be when she is around a year old.

If you have lots of time for a young pup and think you could offer the Maisie the wonderful home she deserves, please send us an application to let us know:

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