3 years old
Domestic Short Hair
Living with Children:
Adult Only 18yrs +
Living with Dogs/Cats:
a home with no other cats or dogs
Ideal Home Situation:
A cat savvy owner who will give me space and patience
I require:
outdoor access

Introducing our stunning girl Maple!


Maple is a a DSH tabby female, estimated to be around 3 years old.

Maple is an independent girl, who is looking for an understanding home. In her last home, Maple spent a lot of her time outside and is keen to get back to regular life with the wonderful outdoor adventures that she misses. She has shown that she does has an affectionate side, however this is very much on her terms and her adopters will need to be understanding of this. Although not keen on being touched, Maple is happy to share a space with humans, and enjoys supervising our cattery team when we are completing our daily activities! In our cattery, she can often be found snuggled up in her bed on the windowsill catching some sun.

Maple is looking for an adult only home who are happy for her to live the independent life she enjoys. As she has shown an interest in humans and interacting with us, Maple would thrive in a home where she is able to choose how much time she spends with her humans. She would be best suited to a quiet area, with a good chunk of greenery that she can explore safely.


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Requires outdoor access
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