4 months
Border Collie
Tri Colour
Living with Children:
Adult only or children 15 years plus
Living with Dogs/Cats:
I could potentially live with another dog if it was an appropriate match for me
Ideal Home Situation:
I need an active home that can continue my training

Introducing the very sweet Megan!


Megan is a gorgeous 4 month collie who has already proven herself to have a super sweet nature and loves everyone she meets.

Being bred from working stock, although not necessarily looking for a typical working home, Megan will definitely need active and outdoorsy lifestyle to suit her forever needs, therefore, we will only consider homes that can provide her with the high level of stimulation and activity she requires, whether this will be from spending her days outdoors, or through extra training and agility sessions. She has already mastered some commands and displayed a great ability to suss things out. We feel would benefit from a home with someone who has experience of her breed and their needs, however, this is not essential.

Megan has enjoyed play sessions with other dogs here at the centre and could live with the right four legged companion, but has shown potential to guard or protect her food around other animals, so this may need to be managed correctly in the home with appropriate training and boundaries being provided. As expected of a youngster with lots of energy, she is quite bouncy and excited to meet other dogs, so any existing pets in the home will need to be comfortable with this behaviour and adopters will need to be confident in ensuring slow and steady introductions are put in place. Megan is already known to be a bit of a pest towards cats, so we feel most felines wouldn’t appreciate having her around, however, this decision would be dependent on the environment.

Typical of puppies, Megan may enjoy to get her paws on things she shouldn’t around the house and has already made attempts to have a chew on some of the staffs shoes here at the centre, however, she has also shown us that she is able to settle nicely and entertain herself when given the tools to do so (she loves a squeaky toy).

Due to Megans age, she is not yet ready to be spayed, therefore, will need to return to the centre in the near future (at a time frame given by our vet) in order for this procedure to be done – a suitable date will be agreed prior to adoption.

If you think you are the right home for Megan and can ensure all her physical and mental needs are met, then do let us know by filling in a perfect match form below:


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