6 years old
Tan & White
Living with Children:
I need an adult only home
Living with Dogs/Cats:
I need to be the only dog in the home
Ideal Home Situation:
I require a home where someone will be around for most of the day

Meet Mickey – affectionately known as little Mick Mick!

This gorgeous fella definitely has the cute factor and has a jumper wardrobe to match, but don’t be fooled, what he lacks in size he makes up for in sass!

Mickey loves nothing more than a good snooze in his favourite spot and will certainly appreciate some sofa snuggles, but is still an active dog and loves his little romps in the countryside. Unfortunately despite training, due to an unstable past and lack of socialisation, bumping in to other dogs and strangers is a very stressful experience for him and he is quite reactive, so a home with quiet surroundings and easy access to low populated walks would suit him best and make his adventures more enjoyable for him. His new owner would need to be willing to positively work with him in building up his confidence and keep his walks stress free.

He is an intelligent fella and knows a variety of different commands – he enjoys nothing more than performing these in exchange for a soft tasty treat and will even give our agility course a go (at his own pace of course). Being a little under confident due to his size, he will sometimes try to avoid the odd daunting task such as climbing the stairs, but with training, he will now happily hop in to his bed on command so that he can be transported more comfortably.

Mickey thrives in the company of his human(s) and therefore struggles with being left alone – his ideal home would be with someone who can be around for most of the day to keep him company and who will be patient in building him up to being left for short periods of time. Typical of the Chihuahua, he is quite anxious of strangers and can be very protective of his ‘safe space’, so minimal unknown visitors to the home and no children is a must.

Mick Mick is certainly a character who will brighten up the day of the right person – someone who is patient and understanding of his worries and looking for a for a companion for quiet walks, garden pottering and lots of love and fuss.  If you think you can be the home he needs – fill out a perfect match form and let us know.

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