Paprika and Saffron

1 Year
Female and Female
Brown & Grey/White
Living with Children:
A calm home with cat savvy older children will be considered
Living with Dogs/Cats:
A home with other pets will be considered, so long as the rabbits are kept safe and seperate.
Ideal Home Situation:
A large, secure outdoor space with plenty of room to run.
Paprika and Saffron are a gorgeous pair of 1 year old female Dutch rabbits, who came in to our care after being found abandoned.
Thankfully this has not affected their spirit, as these two are super inquisitive and love being involved in whatever their foster carers are doing – whether that be general garden maintenance, or helping with hutch cleans.
Paprika (brown) is a little more outgoing than Saffron (grey & white), and will always be the first to greet people, however, Saffron isn’t usually far behind! As they are massive foodies, a tasty treat will often get their interest quite quickly, and they are not fussy with their veggies.
Saffron and Paprika are happy interacting and spend time socialising with their foster carers, although, they aren’t too keen on being picked up and are a little wriggly, therefore, would prefer to hop on to your lap on their own accord. They would be suitable to living in a home with children, so long as they were understanding. They are not very houseproud, and tend to have a little nibble on things they shouldn’t, so would be more suited to a weather and predator proof, outdoor set up, which is fully secure.
Both girls love being out and about in their run, so would love a large outdoor space they can explore and ‘binky’ about in – the minimum housing/exercise space requirements for a pair of rabbits are 3mL x  2mW x 1mH. We are aware that every home is different, therefore, we are happy to chat your accommodation through and discuss any amendment needs during the process. 
Adoption for a pair of rabbits is £110 – this is inclusive of initial health checks, Xeno mite treatment, vaccinations and neutering.
If you would love to offer these lovely girls a home, then let us know….

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